Luxochain: Why We Are Different

9 Agosto 2018
9 Agosto 2018 webmaster

Luxochain: Why We Are Different

– Principles of Luxochain –

Luxochain is a Swiss-based platform that is built on the block-chain technology. They help to verify the authenticity of luxury products before transferring full ownership to you. Luxury products can be anything from artwork to designer outfits.

Principles of Luxochain

Luxochain have five basic principles

  1. All luxury products are assigned a unique secret code.
  2. In partnership with blockchain, these products are registered using the serial number
  3. Data becomes a permanent part of block-chain and cannot be edited
  4. The serial code in the blockchain database is scanned to determine its authenticity
  5. The trader transfer the right of ownership to the buyer and the information is updated

With the knowledge of the five principles above, find four reasons why you should always buy luxury products from Luxochain.

  1. Authenticity: getting an authentic luxury product in an open market today in the world of too many clones is very difficult. At Luxochain, we make sure all the luxury products that you can ever think of buying are authentic. We only deal with products that we know their origin. our team of specialist work with luxury products manufacturers and designers to make sure only the best are listed on our block-chain luxury technology database, this way, all chances of getting a fake luxury item enlisted has been eliminated
  2. Transparency: we at Luxochain make sure transparency is the manufacturer’s watchword. Making sure manufacturers put out genuine good with our Luxochain electronic tag. We make sure that information disclosed about any luxury item is real, clearly available to the public and must be accurate. We make sure all necessary information is disclosed to you with no hidden agenda. also making sure that manufacturers of all the items listed meet the international index of corporate transparency
  3. Security: Luxochain promotes trademarks and intellectual property. Making sure the rights of both parties are not violated. With our Luxochain encrypt products by every manufacturer, every luxury product has a unique electronic signal that can only be traced by our technology.
  4. Reliability: as a manufacturer’s commitment manager, we make sure that luxury item producers are truthful and make the right commitment to give our customers a complete finished luxury item and be true to their ethics and values.
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