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Here you can find a resume of the attachment about the complete documentation regarding to the capital increase of Luxochain SA and the possibility of new subscriptions.

We are one of the first blockchain company in the world to operate 100% compliance with Swiss law (just regulated on 14.12.2018) and allow current underwriters to exploit the advantage of blockchain linked to the tokenization of intangible assets and financial assets such as company shareholdings, allowing therefore, to the underwriters to liquidate the investment on the secondary market, as soon as the regulation related to the exchange institutions allows it.

To date, we offer the signing of participation certificates, equivalent to the Italian type B shares (without voting rights), with higher capital protection compared with the current shareholders, allowing, after the tokenisation, the future free exchange of certificates in the market, guaranteeing in any case to the underwriters the patrimonial protections granted by the current shareholders.

Here is a summary of some advantages that new entrances have with this subscription:

– be able to sell holdings, when it will be allowed, in the token securities dedicated exchanges, getting a facilitated exit, in the secondary market that has begun to be created in the recent months

– preferential and priority liquidation till at least 10% profit compared to the amount subscribed in case of company liquidation: in this case the actual shareholders would not receive anything until the subscribed amount increased by 10%. will be paid to the subscribers

– tag and drag along clauses, always with a guarantee of at least 10% profit for the new subscribers, either in case of change of the majority of the actual shareholders either in case of total sale of the company

– identical rights of the current shareholders in the event of exit to multipliers greater than the subscription price, since the holders of the participation certificates are proportionally owners of the company with respect to their subscription

We reserve the right to implement everything if necessary, as required by legislative and regolatore updates

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