The Most Unique Blockchain Platform

3 Ottobre 2018
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The Most Unique Blockchain Platform

5 Reasons Why Luxochain is The Most Unique Blockchain Backed Platform

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably not new to Blockchain technology and the projects it powers. It Is the now popular decentralized, permissionless technology that most digital platforms are inculcating to offer amazing use cases.

A major reason why the technology has remained popular is its decentralized nature, making the platforms that are connected to it to be free of control from any central point. Of course, you already knew all these stories about the technology and how it’s taken the world to a shock. You probably can even mention a few platforms that have fully inculcated the technology into their operation. What may not know however is that Luxochain is unarguably the most blockchain backed the project at the moment. You didn’t know? Don’t worry, we’ve outlined 5 good reasons why Luxochain is the deal of the moment when counting blockchain backed platforms.

  1. Authenticity: This is one of the most popular characteristics of the blockchain powered project that is now going viral. There may be a number of other standout characteristics, but this is certainly one of the reasons why Luxochain is presently the most blockchain backed platform. A lot of other platforms may operate on the blockchain, but most of them have not been able to tap into the technology’s potential to offer authentic transactions as much as Luxochain is doing. Luxochain does not only offer easy purchase of your dream luxury good, but they also make sure that when you purchase them, you’re offered authentic goods at no extra charge. By this, they’ve managed to eliminate the chances of having any fake items listed on their platform.
  2. Transparency: You knew transparency was important when trying to seal a deal, but you probably will not get a full grasp of its importance until you’ve faced a seller that offers you the exact opposite of what’s contained in your terms of the agreement. When trading luxury goods, you don’t need to worry about that, because Luxochain has found a way to leverage on the blockchain technology to ensure that every deal you seal on its platform follows a very transparent process. Manufacturers are properly checked to ensure that all the information they give out about their goods is real, accurate and accessible by the public. This way, buyers are confident that with Luxochain, manufacturers cannot hold any hidden agenda during any transaction.
  3. Security: The importance of security in any online deal cannot be overemphasized. Luxochain is the most blockchain backed platform because of the amount of importance it pays to ensure the rights of all parties involved in any luxury goods deal on its platform are fully protected. Once you are connected to the platform, you are certain that all your information is safe, your money is secured, and you get the best luxury goods deals without even breaking a sweat.
  4. Reliability: Look around and count how many blockchain powered projects you can rely wholeheartedly on their process and not get your trust shattered before you even begin? Well, Luxochain is changing the narrative. The platform has employed every available tool at its disposal to ensure that it does not go the same negative line with other like projects. It makes sure that luxury goods producers stay true to all their words, ethics and values in providing only the best luxury goods to customers.
  5. Operation Mode: Apart from all the above mentioned, Luxochain is also a standout blockchain project because of its mode of operation. The platforms has rolled out the use of several tools to ensure that all its operation are channeled towards full customer satisfaction. Some of its basic principles in ensuring that its operation is efficiency guaranteed include:
  • Assignment of unique secret code to every luxury good
  • The code is used to register each product
  • The data provided eventually stays permanently unedited on the blockchain
  • The serial code is used eventually for the determination of the authenticity of each product.


There you have it. The trade of luxury goods just got easier with Luxochain – Present most blockchain backed platform you can invest in.

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