Blockchain embraces Luxury

9 giugno 2018
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Blockchain embraces Luxury

– Leading The Blockchain System Technology In The Luxury Industry –

Luxochain is luxury brand that effectively utilises blockchain technology to get our customers closer to the authentic, high quality products that they love and desire to have. We understand that owning luxury goods is a top investment, often coloured by the possibility of fake, counterfeit and similar products. We are looking to use blockchain technology to protect the investments of our customers and save them from the devastating effects of making the wrong or disappointing purchase.

Supply chains are becoming more and more complex, making it hard to detect where a product begins and follow it until it reaches the intended owner but with blockchain technology, there is now a system by which transactions can be followed closely, easily identified and tracked at each stage. Luxochain hopes to jump in on that and use this system to follow the purchase of luxury goods.


How Does It Work?

Luxochain is built around a digital passport which comes with a stamp much like your regular passport when it goes through airports and checkpoints. We will be using this unique and secure technology to follow and track products, making sure that they are identified and labelled on each step of the transaction until it gets to the realisation phase where it reaches you – our valuable customer.

Our goal with this, is to make sure that you have access to the exclusive luxury items you need.

We are taking on the counterfeits, building consumer trust and security while using futuristic and innovative technology. We hope that you will rest easy, being able to purchase your luxury goods without worrying about the possibility of them being less credible than expected. In doing this, we do not just protect you but also protect the brands and the system.

Trustworthy systems are the basis of integrity and credibility and every business is as good as its assurance of originality and attention to detail. We aim to build a unique but effective and trustworthy system that ensures products get from one end to the other, easier and without errors.

Our founder, Natale Consonni has extensive business experience and acumen, having been the owner and founder of a range of businesses including ICQ, a leader amongst instant messaging services where he serves as President. He is also Director at Como Venture and has worked at a range of companies during his career. He has a Doctorate in Engineering and is highly skilled in Product Management, Quality Control, Management, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship.

He is supported by an equally capable team which includes the following:

  • Davide Baldi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Roberto Gorini, Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Naor Adno, Business Developer
  • Davide Zucchetti, Marketing Manager
  • Federico Vigano, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Marco Guarducci, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Manuel Olivi, Developer
  • Cosimo Sguanci, Developer

This highly qualified and skilled group of professionals will come together to guarantee your access to quality and original products like never before seen.

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