Revolutionizing The Luxury Shop

9 Settembre 2018
9 Settembre 2018 webmaster

Revolutionizing The Luxury Shop

Since the future of e-commerce is determined by mobile users, customers insistently seek stability, security, and guarantee when shopping for luxury products; and whether they are buying online or in a store, assurance validates the authentication of the brand. To assure customers that a brand is genuine, they use artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice command, augmented reality, and Luxochain to shop for luxury brands.

At the core of changing the consumer perception about luxury brands and delivering top-notch shopping experiences with incredible sophistication, craftsmanship, originality and quality goods and services is Luxochain.

What is Luxochain?

When the author of Crypto Economy, cryptocurrency preacher, and serial entrepreneur Roberto Gorini, a member of the founding body and his team started Luxochain; their mission was to transform the luxury brand industry and change the related economies. To do that, Luxochain had to turn over the conventional policies by recreating the luxury brand e-commerce where consumers interact with potential merchants without third-party, hidden charges, and a conveniently trusted global luxury market.

Why does the luxury brand industry need change?

Until Luxochain, it’s relevant to understand that the luxury industry was infiltrated by second-rate brands and cheap fakes robbing the industry of its uniqueness and toyed with the consumer’s emotions and belief. These actions rocked the industry affecting manufacturers, merchants, and buyers alike. However, with the introduction of Luxochain, the luxury brand industry is returning to its former glory and better.

How is Luxochain revolutionizing the Luxury Product Market?

Using a blockchain Technology that employs RFID

An acronym for Radio Frequency Identification is a contactless communication device aiming to eliminate fake luxury products and ensure originality of the luxury brand. So how does this technology help the luxury brand?  Original luxury brands are fitted with an invisible number codes registered on the blockchain that are identifiable while comparable labels without the codes are fake products and counterfeit.

Improve Customer Shopping Experience

Luxochain consumers can shop for a luxury brand with a piece of mind certain of the originality of the products. It improves their shopping experience, and merchants and manufacturer can create lasting and unforgettable impressions of their products which would satisfy customers and boost sales.

Provides more information on a Label

Prior to Luxochain, luxury brands don’t provide the buyer with key information like make, model, origin, and date among others. However, with Luxochain, luxury brands are equipped with information to educate buyers. Luxury websites are better informed, easy to navigate as customers appreciate the information attached to the brand they are purchasing. Merchants that imbibe in this act get increased sales and traffic to their sites.

Limit Black Market Sale

One of the prominent problems that Luxochain aims to stop is the sales of imitation products on the market. The luxury brand has taken a beating in the quality because of the number of imitated goods in the black market. The availability of these products diminishes the value of the original products. By the using blockchain, Luxochain is restoring the reputation of the luxury brand giving shoppers a guarantee of originality of the products.

Personalize Consumers Shopping Experience

By incorporating Artificial intelligence and machine learning, consumer preferences are applied to predictive algorithms to personalize your luxury experience on their online store by generating images and products that match the consumer’s online search.

Cashless Purchase

Most shoppers avoid luxury shopping due to the amount involved in selling or buying of the products. Luxochain eliminates the need to carry a large amount of cash or afraid of being robbed. Luxury products shoppers can register on the platform and use that to purchase luxury brand products without hassles.

No Middlemen

As with all blockchain based technology and platforms, Luxochain is giving merchant control of their products and creating a better business relationship between buyers and merchants while eliminating the third-party system.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing world economies, but through Luxochain, the luxury industry is getting a makeover that is bridging the gap between authentic products and potential buyers. Besides, Luxochain allows you to eat your cake and have it, as you can shop for luxury products privately. No alerts from your bank or verification call from your account manager with the ultimate no limit shopping experience guaranteed.

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