Luxury Industry

9 aprile 2018
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Luxury Industry

– The essence of all commercial endeavours –

The essence of all commercial endeavours is to make available products and services needed by customers, in exchange for valuable remuneration and consideration, which will leave the seller with enough to cover his overhead expenses as well as make some level of profit from the trade, no matter how minute or infinitesimal.

Every industry on our globe operates on this same principle; upon the indices of delivering the commodity, be it goods or services, in exchange for financial remuneration.

In a bid to carry out this economic exchange, some indices are put in place to protect all parties to the economic transaction; to ensure that the seller is not being swindled of his market, and that the buyer is not being swindled of his money either. So that in the long run, the buyer derives satisfaction for his money and the seller, patronage, and quality of service. For an actualization of this feat, protection of trademarks and intellectual property is key. It is also important to protect the product from piracy and violation.

The luxury market is an industry that has a lot to protect, especially regarding protecting the players of the industry. A violation of rights in the luxury industry can deal a fatal blow to the interest of brand owners. It is also fatal for the consumer who has spent so much to acquire the luxury product, only to discover, in the long run, that he has been swindled of his money, and his desire to acquire something worth the price has amounted all to an effort in futility. This can automatically bring a consumer’s castle crashing and falling to the ground like a pack of cards.

The Luxochain technology is a world-class innovation that has come on board with a singular task of protecting brands and safeguarding their uniqueness. This cutting-edge Luxochain technology gives certain encryption to every product produced by a manufacturer. With the application of this technology to the luxury industry, every product produced in the industry will have a sort of digital encryption.

The interesting aspect of this digital encryption is the fact that it is unique to every product. The specific encryption code is embedded into the product and can be read by specifically designated devices. Thus where a counterfeit product appears in the luxury market, having not come from the authentic producer, it will be easily identifiable and immediately marked as such. This way buyers, and indeed innocent, unsuspecting consumers in the luxury market, are afforded a higher level of protection against fraud, and can thus ensure they are getting good value for their money.

The Luxochain technology is an answer to the prayers of many key players of the luxury industry. With the introduction of the Luxochain technology, it becomes way easier to keep a tab on the validity of products. Consumers are also able to easily identify genuine products and in the same vein weed out counterfeit products, no matter how well disguised they are.

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