Fashion & Blockchain

29 maggio 2018
29 maggio 2018 webmaster

Fashion & Blockchain

– Changing The Fashion Industry With Blockchain Technology –

Luxury. Panache. Verve. We all want it, crave it, necessitate it. It’s always onto the next item, that next piece that will give us that desired “pop” that’ll stand us out of the crowd and push our self-esteem to very enviable heights.

Standing out is a very real thing in the world we live in today as the fashion industry has fast become a very enviable empire of beautiful people, wealth and also and perhaps most importantly an economy booster for countries around the world. Fashion has become a very great and viable export for many a country that quality assurance has become more of a necessity than an option.

As with every burgeoning industry, the fashion industry does have its very many problems as a majority of folks want to get a piece of all the action. While some are willing to put in the grit and work it takes to get to the very top, there are others who strive to look for the shortest of routes to the top above. And more often than not, their preferred way of doing this is by flooding the market with subpar products which go through little or no quality assurance testing, such that at the end of the day such said products end up leaving customers with bitter tastes in their mouth and also grossly disadvantaged.

Being different and always looking for ways to cover up loopholes is a very important tenet of all thriving industries. It is a major key, and as is often said necessity is the mother of innovation. So what such luxury brand technology is to be employed to tackle this issue? In the wake of this conundrum comes the new and exciting technology, BLOCK CHAIN TECHNOLOGY to tackle the issue above. Originally the blockchain was necessitated for the finance industry, but along the line, it has been discovered that just tweaking it the right way and making some right adjustments its becomes a very powerful luxury brand technology.

This luxury brand technology takes away the hassle and stress (most often than not comes in the form of subpar products) that is very prevalent in the dealings of customers-manufacturer relationships in the fashion industry.

It ensures that the customers have easy access to the fashion brands of their choice while also ensuring that makers of said fashion brands can track and monitor quality assurance over these said items.

So that in the end this luxury brand technology, the blockchain technology, makes the difference between fake and real as clear as daylight.

It is high time the customers and manufacturers get back on the same page as regards to the quality and specialness of the luxury items being put out into the market. The blockchain technology is here to stay, and as it has revolutionized the finance industry, it has also come to take hold of the fashion industry, so that gone will be the days when subpar, and quality shirked products were the order of the day.


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