Blockchain Meets Luxury

29 Agosto 2018
29 Agosto 2018 webmaster

Blockchain Meets Luxury

– Blockchain Meets Luxury –

Luxochain is the ultimate combination of blockchain technology and luxury. We at Luxochain understand the importance of luxury items to our customers and have therefore put together a way to use new blockchain technology to guarantee our customers access to the exclusive and original items that are important to them. At Luxochain, we offer our customers a unique opportunity leveraging on the innovative use of blockchain technology

Based in Lugano, the perfectly placed Italian city in the south of Switzerland, bordering on Italy, we are well aware of the importance of authentic, original and lush pleasures that make the world a delight. Our creative agency works in the world of luxury to bring you items that you love in the most secure and trustworthy manner. We want to get quality merchandise across to those who desire it.

Blockchain technology is an innovative addition to today’s financial world, popularised by cryptocurrency and digital assets. They guarantee safety, security, integrity, and quality.

Luxochain is a passport to world-class luxury. We are developing a system built around a digital passport of sorts that comes with a stamp to get you exclusive products. The stamp is attached to every phase of a transaction until it reaches realisation. This approach ensures that purchases can be tracked to make sure that they are not repeated and therefore ensure its unique value.

Our ultimate goal at Luxochain is to make each product unique, currently targeting the Italian sounding market and the grey market. The Italian Sounding market is a large one with over 60 billion dollars turnover that has become problematic for Made in Italy products as items made worldwide are given misleading Italian names and pictures without the authenticity of being made in Italy. Similarly, the grey market is the unofficial market where goods are sold that are not from official suppliers. This is a twist on the black market.

We hope to counter these phenomena and bring to you the best products from the official suppliers, guaranteeing you quality on your investments. We believe that attention to detail is not only essential as an economic tool but for ethical reasons and hope to reduce the issues brought on by fake and substandard goods.

Our team is comprised of 10 main elements, beginning with our Founder, Natale Consonni, who is the owner and President of ICQ Global, a leading instant messaging service, and Director at Como Venture. He has started up a number of businesses and has brought this experience and professionalism into the Luxochain brand.

The team also includes Davide Baldi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Roberto Gorini, Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Naor Adno, Business Developer; Davide Zucchetti, Marketing Manager; Federico Vigano, Chief Operating Officer (COO); Marco Guarducci, Chief Technical Officer (CTO); Manuel Olivi and Cosimo Sguanci who are both developers.

This excellent team, amongst the best in their field, ensure security, integrity and attention to detail.

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